Good Mushrooms for Good Dogs



I have recently begun to have a mushroom supplement added to my meals. Mushrooms are a very, very complex organism, so I will try my best to keep this simple. The bottom line is, mushrooms are a wooftastic digestive aid & immune system booster. I should mention that mushroom supplements have been researched & made with specific mushrooms. I’m not suggesting feeding your good dog store bought mushrooms or letting them forage through a wooded area for wild mushrooms.

The part that you can see – the stem & cap – is less than 10 percent of a mushroom’s total biomass. The mycelium is the part of the mushroom you don’t see or typically eat. It’s the part that lies beneath the surface of the soil. And it’s the part that may hold the most important nutritional benefits of mushrooms.

It only makes sense that, to fully support your good dog’s immune system, it’s equally important to support digestion & gut health, too. Mushrooms & their mycelium’s complex nutritional matrix of nutrients, dietary fiber, & fungal enzymes have been shown to support healthy digestion & support gastrointestinal tract function.

The important enzymes produced by mushrooms include:

  • Protease – helps digest proteins &  helps cleanse your good dog’s blood stream of excess undigested protein
  • Lipase – helps digest fat
  • Amylase – helps break down starch into sugar & supplies your good dog’s body with energy
  • Cellulase – helps break down fiber, which in turn promotes bowel health & regularity

I’ve only begun my supplement. It claims to help me to have more balanced behavior & less anxiety. It will balance & modulate my endocrine system & helps manage adrenaline response. It’s digestive enzymes & prebiotics mitigate nervous stomach & digestive stress from anxiety.
It also claims that it does not sedate or change my personality – just keeps me focused & calm.
I will report back in a few weeks.

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CEO Olivia