Good Dogs & Dental Health


dog with toothbrush

Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. This week I will be having dental surgery. I have a cracked tooth. It might be from chewing on a bone or I cracked it during a seizure. Regardless, it’s in need of repair. While I’m under I will also get a thorough teeth cleaning & will be xrayed to make sure the rest of my teeth are in good shape.

It just so happens all of this is happening now, in February which is National Pet Dental Health Month. Good oral hygiene is as important for us good dogs as it is for you humans.

In a previous blog post, I barked about a homemade toothpaste for good dogs. A small  toothbrush or a piece of gauze with a dab of toothpaste can help keep our teeth clean. Some good dogs may find it uncomfortable at first. Be patient & try to make it a positive experience. If it tastes good & gently massaging our gums feels good, it can be a rewarding bonding exercise.

My huMom cleans my teeth with a small finger sock that she made from scrap hemp canvas. I like the smell & taste, it’s soft, yet with a dab of Clean Teeth Gel it works wooftasticly. I didn’t like using gauze or other cloth so this was a big help for huMom.

Our good furriend Dista from Critter Comforts in Napanee, ON. did these two short videos for Knotty Toys for Good Dogs about brushing your good dog’s teeth.

My surgery will be on Wednesday morning, February 6th. Please send pawsitive thoughts. We both know I’m in the very best care but huMom will be anxious while I’m under anesthetic.

CEO Olivia

Giving to the Wally Foundation


Wally the Saint Bernard

Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. As you should know by now, my Barkday card drive is underway. My Barkday is June 21st. I’ll be turning 8 this year. I’m asking people to send me a Barkday card with a $1 donation to the Wally Foundation, or make a donation through PayPal.

Today I want to tell you why I’m raising funds for the Wally Foundation. As you know, I live with canine idiopathic epilepsy. The Wally Foundation has a simple mission & purpose; “To assist owners of  epileptic dogs, rescue groups & animal shelters to pay for medications & treatments related to canine epilepsy”. They redistribute medications that have been donated as well.

The Wally Foundation also operates to offer support, assistance & to raise awareness. Their website & Facebook page provides news, research articles & helpful links.

The Wally Foundation & we here at Knotty Toys for Good Dogs believe that no one should have to lose a beloved family member for financial reasons. Nor should any dog rescue or animal shelter have to turn a dog away because of canine epilepsy & the expense of treatment.

Please join me in celebrating my Barkday by either sending me a card with a $1 donation or make a donation through PayPal. If you use PayPal include a note saying, “Olivia’s Barkday”. The PayPal account is

Everyone who participates will be entered into a draw for a wooftastic prize pack that will include:

CEO Olivia

The Wally Foundation on Facebook

The Wally Foundation

Critter Comforts Grand Opening

News, News Flash

Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. Today I’m barking out an announcement. Our good friend Dista is opening her new store Critter Comforts this Saturday September 30th, in Napanee, Ontario. There will be giveaways & a fundraiser for Sheba’s Haven, a rescue for palliative/special needs dogs. Best of all, pets are welcome.

Dista has been involved with “critters” for a long time. She’s a licensed Veterinary Technician. She graduated from St. Clair College & passed her board exams 22 years ago. She has also been a professional groomer for 24 years.

Dista’s previous business, Critter Comforts & Clips was located in Bancroft Ontario. It was the first store to sell my Knotty Toys for Good Dogs raw hemp rope toys. When Dista got the opportunity to move back to her home town of Napanee she rebooted her business, renaming it simply, Critter Comforts.

If you live in the area, come help celebrate this Saturday. You can meet my furriends Dottie & her sister Etta James.

Critter Comforts is located at 113 Richmond Blvd., unit 1D Napanee, Ontario.

Congratulations Dista. 3 bums swings! 3 more!

CEO Olivia