Dot & Jerry Underfoot~ Your Catio Is Finally Being Dogscussed




Dot & Jerry Underfoot have been howling & yowling for as long as I can remember (I’m a senior; that’s a long time) for a catio. You ask, what the dog is a catio? Hi CEO Olivia here to yap about just that, catios.   

Catio is the purrfered name for a domestic cat enclosure that is either a permanent or a temporary structure intended to allow a feline to feel & experience the wonders & the comforts of outdoors without their safety or the safety of others being at risk. 

Outdoor Catios can be dogsigned for a single independent feline or dogsigned for the pawty cat who lives with furiends or furmily. Dogsigns may include space for your humans or a good dog or two; it’s really up to the creator & what materials you will use.



Outdoor Catios are a pawfect solution ensuring a cat’s safety by keeping other animals out, such as predators of cats (coyotes, wolves, birds of prey) or the safety of other smaller animals like cat prey (butterflies, mice, squirrels & our feathered furiends). Outdoor Catios help to pawvent cats from wandering off where they may become lost, endangered by cars, or eaten by predators.



We love our furbulous feline furiends & furmily felines; we pawsitively don’t want any of those worries.  This is why huMom has been dogscussing plans for building a outdoor catio next spring.  Her dogsigns are wagnificently elaberate & pawtastic but we nose she’ll have to come back to the real world & not get as Jerry Underfoot would say, ‘overstimulated’.

The internet is a wooftastic place to get catio building ideas, plans or ready made put it together yourself kits.  There is even a website dedicated to catio spacies that dig into the variety of catios & cat enclosures, their catstruction materials, custom & DIY plans, dogcor & meowsome catimonials. We will certainly keep you pupdated on Dot & Jerry Underfoot’s catio plans. 

Have a pawsome week, CEO Olivia, Dot & Jerry Underfoot 💜

*please note we did not receive any money for the website endorsement made in this post. 



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