The Pawtastic Sculptures of Annie Montgomerie

Canine Culture



We’re sure today’s textile artist will doglight you.  CEO Olivia here today to yap about artist Annie Montgomerie’s pawtastic  one of a kind sculptures. Dot, Jerry Underfoot & I are pawsitive there is something for everyone, so keep sniffing.

We already yapped that each one of Annie Montgomerie’s pieces is individual & dog gone unique.  That’s because the materials she uses is from found fabrics, buttons, jewelry & charms she forages from her own community where she lives, Dorset UK.

Let’s have a sniff at what we dug up for you.



























Do  you have a favorite? Which one kept you sniffing longer?  Want to sniff out more of Annie Montgomerie’s work?  You can on Instagram.  


Have a pawsome weekend. Remember to be gnawsome, be kind & stay safe.

CEO Olivia, with Dot & Jerry Underfoot 🐾💜🐾