Honoring The Life of Ru * Ruby the Therapy Dog * Ru the Epilepsy Warrior


Ru has been an inspiration for many.
Her gentle kindness, courage & compassion touched all of us.
Ru lives in the hearts of all those who knew & love her.
Ru💜🕯️ ~ Olivia, Dot, Jerry Underfoot & huMom


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Today we are pawsing to honor the life of one of my furiends & fellow Epilepsy  Warrior Ru aka Ruby aka Ruby the Therapy  Dog. 🐾💜🐾 🕯️ ✨



Ru’s huMom Jan Nowicki shares 💜

“I am humbled & honored that Ruby chose me to be her life-partner, care-giver, facilitator & interpreter to share her amazing unconditional love. She also chose me & taught me how to help her in the epilepsy battle.”

I first saw her on Petfinder & turned her down 3 times, for various reasons. She eventually got my attention in a big way & came to live with me. So, she really did choose me. Her messages are truly her voice & words, not mine, as she dog-tates them.

My Kayla (2nd therapy dog) had crossed recently & I started looking. I’d always wanted a Chocolate Lab & my dream dog was a Chessie but rare & expensive around here. “Reba” was listed as a Choc. Lab pup in a (not so nice) animal control center; not very close. I was getting ready to retire. Didn’t want a puppy & preferred a foster/shelter situation to know a little about what I was getting. A month before I retired, I applied to several local Lab rescues & 1 sent me a photo & said, “You have to meet Reba!” She was still listed as Choc. Lab but 18-20 months old & picked up as a stray. Foster brought her here & she laid right down in my school. Foster had never seen her so quiet. She also had ‘portal phobia’ never having been in a house much. She walked right into my house & found a dog bed. Done deal but had a wait a couple weeks so I could see my mom. They said she was crate trained. Nope – destroyed those & my house, separation anxiety & had had 2 or 3 litters before 18 months old. Also, gun/loud noise shy. What a mistake! Over the 1st year we worked it out & she got registered therapy dog. 1 month later the seizures started. There were so many signs the first year. When I buried Kayla we saw lots of dragonflies & her guardian angel was Cassiel. So “Reba” changed her name to Ruby Kassiel & always used dragonflies to honor Kayla. They also have special meaning.  After Ruby’s adoption I realized she was Chessie so both my dream-dogs in 1 – physically.

Ruby continues to be an Canine Epilepsy Ambassador with her long standing & respected Facebook Page Ruby the Therapy Dog.

Ru’s barked: “Life is precious. Don’t let a condition define you. Everyone is special, so get going & use your special gifts to share your story & live the best life you possibly can!”
💜 nose nudges 💜CEO Olivia, Dot & Jerry Underfoot 💜

14 thoughts on “Honoring The Life of Ru * Ruby the Therapy Dog * Ru the Epilepsy Warrior

  1. RIP Ruby run free at Rainbow 🌈 Bridge with all our pets waiting for us. You will be greatly missed by many ! You touch so many peoples lives. You and your Mom also helped others like myself get through the tough days with Daisy and her seizures.
    We will keep fighting that battle and supporting other who need support and help in your honor and honoring others that are also at Rainbow 🌈 Bridge
    Miss you sweet heart 💜!

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  2. Deer Miss Jan an ‘Ru’ Ruby girl wee want to meow our sympaffiess to you….
    Miss Jan yore Ruby girl was trulee beeutee innside an out! Wee are so sorry you losted one of THE kewlest smartest Poochiess efurr….
    Ruby girl run free inn Purr land an look fore a hansum allmost black Burmese Kitty boy with golden eyess (hiss rite pupil) iss heart-shaped! Hee ADOORED Poochiess an will help you find yore way…..his name iss Purrince Siddhartha Henry…
    Once again wee furry sorry Miss Jan 😦 😦
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

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  3. Thank you, Olivia & hu-mom from the bottom of my heart. My eyes leak to read this beautiful tribute. It still feels surreal that she’s gone and that she was such an integral part of my life. We are both still here for all the epi-warriors still fighting and honoring all the epi-angels.

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    1. We are grateful to know & love Ru.
      Your grief is equal to your love💜
      May your present steps move you gently but firmly on this new path.
      You are not alone.
      We witness & support you with love & compassion on this journey 🐾💜🐾


  4. Thank you Everybody! #RuBeStrong💜🐾💕🧚‍♀️
    Ru was an amazing partner and family member. She also inspired people and dogs with all kinds of disabilities and helped teach pups & their humans to earn the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy, Canine Good Citizen, and Trick Dog titles. She mentored other up-and-coming therapy dogs and got a perfect score on her last Pet Partners TD test. She survived 2 life-threatening trips to ER with liver toxicity and IMHA and won all her battles with the epi-monster. She was truly a warrior and a gift. Yes, she laid down her warrior sword and shield and grew wings on 8/29/22. She plans to continue her up-lifting messages on her FB page. Ru’s momma.

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