The Pawfectly Wagnificent Work of Artist Gustavo Novoa

Canine Culture



We’re back with FriYaY’s Furtastic Canine & Feline Art post.  For the time being there will be a slight change; secret pawjects in the works.  Instead of feeding you small bite size pieces, we will throw you treat or two, yap little & let you do the digging for yourself.



Hi, CEO Olivia here with Dot & Jerry Underfoot tossing you these pawtastic link to see more of Chilean Artist Gustavo Novoa furbulously work.  Paw his website or paw this wooftastic YouTube video of Gustavo Novoa talking about his new book (in2017) “Seven Arrows” in Wally Findlay Galleries in Palm Beach where he has been an artist represented by Wally Findlay Galleries the last 45 years.


Have a wagnificent weekend!

Remember to be gnawsome, be kind & stay safe.

CEO Olivia, with Dot & Jerry Underfoot 🐾💜🐾


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