The Litter on Feline Waste Management

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Dot & Jerry Underfoot are already pawtesting to any changes to their litter box making this blog post pawsitively dogmanding.  Hi CEO Olivia here today, with little help from my fursiblings to yap about what to do with Dot & Jerry Underfoot’s feline waste in an eco-furiendly way.

Before we begin any dogscussion on cat waste, I need to bark out that Dot & Jerry Underfoot have made it very clear that felines do not like change. Change can be cataclysmic for the humans who are responsible for this change.  Cats will ‘MEOWNOW’ their purrfect catempt of any change & they will pawsitively leave a solid message for you or worse a wet one. 

Any  changes should be made in small steps.  If changing the litter to another type of litter it is better to do so slowly.  Add a small amount  of the new litter to the old clean litter; each time you clean it, add a little more.  This changeover should typically take place over 3 – 5 days. If you have a cat whom you know, from pawvious experience, really reacts negatively to change, then it’s best to stretch out the changeover over the full five days or longer.  Let your felines get use to the new texture, smell or lack of smell.  Some people leave a poop or two in the box so there is a furmiliar scent that can be identified by the user but not too much; they do purrsist on a clean box always.

As we mentioned in last week’s blog, ‘Our Scoop On What To Do With Poop‘, we were pawsitively dogsturbs after reading that many of the dog/cat poo bags claiming to be biodegradable were in fact misleading & often a dog gone lie.  Instead of using a plastic bag to transport your cat’s waste to the garbage, use a paper bag or better yet, use a small pail/bucket with a lid that can be cleaned & re-used again.

Most  litterboxes  on the market are not eco-furiendly.  They are generally made of plastic & not recyclable. It is recommended to use stainless steel brand or an upcycle old roasting pan.  Some humans use an aluminum pan for their cat litterbox.

They are sturdy, a pawfect size & they can be re-used or recycled. 

Stainless steel is a great environmentally smart choice. It’s durable, so it may never need to be replaced.


If your furbulous feline needs are more, there are many types of  litterboxes, dogpending on how your feline likes to inter or exit, if they are physically challenged, very young or moving into their senior years. There are biodegradable litterboxes, litterboxes that are hidden under stairway cubbies or those that dogceptively look like pawsh furniture.  

When it comes to managing your kitties waste, much of what we yapped in last week’s piece, ‘Our Scoop On What To Do With Poop‘  is true for kitties too. There is one other impawtant fact to know.  Cat waste can contain bacteria & parasites such as toxoplasmosis.  

Litter choice is a big factor in moving towards a eco-furiednly direction.  While clay-based cat litters may be the most common, pawhaps because of it’s  affordability &  availability but it often has added silica which generates dust. This dust can irritate asthma sufferers, can get deep into the lungs & may be difficult to expel, causing respiratory problems when inhaled by you, your cat or us dogs. 

The #1 question regarding #1 &  #2 is what to use. There are wagnificent alternative litters that are made from a variety of materials alone or in mixtures including recycled paper, corn, walnuts, wheat, wood, pine, & grass.  HuMom is not a fan of using pine products but we know they are out there.  Like most she’s looking at what is cost effective & sustainable but what Dot & Jerry Underfoot are quick to paw out, it’s all about them, ‘MEOWNOW!’

We’ll keep you pupdated when Dot & Jerry Underfoot give the 2 Paws Up & remember to do your digging before you make any changes & paw slowly when you do make those changes.  Let us know what works for you, we would pawsitively love to know.

Oh, the pawtastic artwork used at the top is titled, ‘Pee Painting’ by Sherry Rusinack.

Have a pawsome week, CEO Olivia, Dot & Jerry Underfoot 💜


Remember, if you have a question we love to pawvide you with answers.  Reach out to us here, through Instagram, Facebook, email or call us.  If you don’t have long distance calling contact us online & let us call you.CEO Olivia in a Purple Scarf


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5 thoughts on “The Litter on Feline Waste Management

  1. PAWTASTICK post Jerry Underfoot an Dot an CEO Olivia!!!
    BellaSita Mum allwayss savess sum pee-pee litter an then addss to mew litter…Shee bin doin that fore yeerss with her catss….
    An reecently shee did switch mee litter an it was a guud change.
    Wee were usin Fresh Fore Life litter a store brand. Butt it was so dusty!
    So then shee tried store brand Clumpin Litter (mixin it in with mee 1st litter). It was Okay; mee not mind….butt when clumpin litter gotted wet it ternd to concreete! That was frustratin fore both of us…
    So then BellaSita Mum bott Purina’ss Lite weight litter an wee nevurr looked back… iss wunderfull an mee likess it ALOT! An even tho it ISS unscented it sorta smellss like cleen apple….an it does NOT tern to concreete when wet!!
    Thanx fore meowin ’bout this impawtent topick!!!
    **head buttss** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} BellaSita Mum

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