The Furbulous Felted Creatures of Artists Simon Brown & Katie Corrigan

Canine Culture



We love to dig, sniff, & scratch if there is something pawtastic in it in the end.  However, today’s artists, believe it or not, Dot, Jerry Underfoot & yours truly dug, sniffed & scratched deep to find little info on this  pawtastic Northumbria, U.K.-based creative duo.

Hi CEO Olivia here to yap (more like yip) pawsitively little today.  Instead, we will jump right into the furbulous  work of artist Simon Brown’s &  artist Katie Corrigan’s furbulous felted canines &  pawsome miniature forest creatures.

























Want to sniff out more of Simon Brown’s or Katie Corrigan’s pawtacular work on their Instagram account?  Paw on their name above.     


CEO Olivia in a Purple ScarfHave a wagnificent weekend!

Remember to be gnawsome, be kind & stay safe.

CEO Olivia, with Dot & Jerry Underfoot 🐾💜🐾


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11 thoughts on “The Furbulous Felted Creatures of Artists Simon Brown & Katie Corrigan

  1. Mee-yow WOW Olivia an Dot an Jerry Underfoot how did youss’ find THESE tallented peepss??
    An where did Mistur Simon an Miss Katie leern to due such FURABULUSS artwerk??
    Wee love THE Squireelss an Haress THE bestest! They look so REEL!!!! Just pawsun mee frendss…pawsum…..

    Liked by 1 person

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