Woof Woof!  It’s National Pet Day! MeowNow MeowNow!



My wooftastic furiends, we hope you are pawtying today! Woof Woof!  It’s National Pet Day!  MeowNow MeowNow!

National Pet Day is celebrated April 11th across the world but did you nose it originated in United State & was founded 2006 by animal behaviorist, photographer, furiendly interior designer, dog trainer, writer & the author of the bestseller “The Good Behavior Book for Dogs” Colleen Paige.  She wanted to paw attention to the impawrtance of adopting animals in shelters.

What is pawtacular is this day has grown.  Now the impawtance gnaws on how we good dogs, cats, rodents, pigs,  horses, fish, & all other companion animals pawsitively improve the psychological health of our humans by inspiring them as well as keeping them wooftastically happy.

We could dig up a dogzillion articles & papers for you to read on this but we nose you could just as easily do it too.  What Dot, Jerry Underfoot & I wanted to yip about  is how you can pawty on this National Pet Day!

Donate to a Local Shelter or Humane Society.  They are pawtastic humans doing pawtastic work.  Supplies are always needed but sometimes some supplies may be needed more.  Paw out to them & ask.  Or maybe you want to volunteer your time or services.  Again, paw out to them.  Pawhaps you can help them on social media.  Share their post to bring awareness to their work &/ cause.

Help control the population by dogscussing the impawtance of spaying / neutering or alternatives.  Help spread the word about to furimily, furiends, colleagues, co-workers & community members about how dog gone impawtant it is to spay/neuter.  Another good dogscussion is on TRN programs (Trap Neuter & Release).  Dialogue is a impawtant start.

Do something wagnificent like take a neighbor’s dog or a senior’s dog for a doggie date or if they pawfer to be alone just a one on one park date.  

Take your dog daytripping today.  Go to a place of new stinks, sights & sounds based of course on their pawfered needs.  Play with your feline furiend extra long today.  Remember to stroke their ego as well as their fur.  Need a new toy?  We have what you need at Knotty Toys For Good Dogs.  

Post a pics of your furbulous canines & felines.  You nose you can’t resist taking pics & you nose other humans can’t resist looking at them.  We nose you love it so we let you or pawtend not to let you. #nosuchthingasabadpetpic 

Make a donation to The Wally Foundation ~ canine epilepsy & help support a family who is challenged with the immense cost of managing their pawsome canine Epilepsy Warrior’s seizures.  Paw here if you can help.

The another pawfect way to pawty on National Pet Day is to adopt, foster, & rescue; that is, if you are in the pawsition to.  That means you have done your work researching, taking a good look at your new responsibility & you have pawpared your home & pawhaps yard.  A dog gone wagnificent way to pawty… I remember my Gotcha Day like it was yesterday…I dogress.

I feel silly yapping the obvious, pawchase your good dog or cat a new toy.  Wrapped it & surprise them after a nap.  It’s never to late to celebrate so even if you have to wait for it to arrive, give them a treat today pawmising them there is more to come in.   

Now for the end of the day I pawsitively recommend lots of cuddles, snacks, a movie; one were the star is a fourlegger.


Happy National Pet Day & have a pawsome week,

CEO Olivia, Dot & Jerry Underfoot 💜


PS 🐾 Looking for wagnifient healthy & furbulously fun toys or pawsibly a supplement for the well being of your pawtacular good dog or cat? Shop Naturally

Join my pack at knottytoysforgooddogs.com


Remember, if you have a question we love to pawvide you with answers.  Reach out to us here, through Instagram, Facebook, email or call us.  If you don’t have long distance calling contact us online & let us call you.

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