You Just Received A Diagnoses




Today I want to yap about a serious topic.  You just received a diagnoses for your precious dog or cat & it’s not what you ever ever wanted to hear. Sometimes,  you humans can’t even hear anything said after hearing the diagnoses.  It’s ok, it happens to most people after they hear news that is pawsitively unexpected.  Let your animal health practitioner/Vet know that you are experiencing this; they will understand & want to help.    

Once you have left the clinic your thoughts may run wild. Why did this happen to us? Could I have pawvented it? Why didn’t I do something earlier? Sometimes there’s no explaining why & there was no pawventing it. You may feel scared, distraught or confused. There is no wrong reaction. It’s okay to be upset or cry, your cat or dog is a loved member of the family. 

Knowing how to cope with your furleggers health diagnosis will help you & your cat or dog remain calm as you find answers during this unsettling time. Here are some steps you can take to cope with a difficult diagnosis & help you give your 4 legger the best care possible:

  • dig up information
  • connect with other fur pawrents
  • evaluate decisions
  • find comfort


  1. Digging Up & Compiling Impawtant Information

Most diagnosis do not result in immediate death.  In fact, it simply means you will have to adjust to a new normal. When dogscussing treatment, management & pawsibilities with your Vet or Natural Health Practitioner a good idea to ensure you don’t miss anything & that your questions & concerns about your furleggers diagnoses are answered, is to bring someone along with you, take notes or with pawmission record appointment on your mobile. 


2. Connect With Other Fur Pawrents

Often in this case you may be inundated with series tests, medications & additional Vet appointments all of which can be dog gone overwhelming. It helps to share the news with others who understand. Pawhaps someone in your immediate furmily, or your dog or cat community is going through the same or a similar situation.  If you can’t find a support group locally, look online; even Facebook has Groups & Pages dedicated to specific support groups like my Oh, The Life of Olivia or The Wally Foundation Facebook page.  Both of these pawvide support  for those living with canine epilepsy (there are so many more which will be a topic for a future post).  It can be  comforting to connect with others who share experiences, resources & feelings. 


3. Evaluate Options & Decisions

There is no right answer that fit every animal but dog gone it, you know your furlegger & your own situation best.  Do your research, ask for advice & talk to your vet; get a 2nd or 3rd opinion if you feel that is necessary. Questions that may arise are, ‘Which treatments are best?’ ‘Is surgery advisable?’ Are the benefits worth the risks?’, Is there a natural approach over a conventional approach that I want to look into?’.  Remember, there are no wrong questions.  Ask them all.  If you forgot to ask while attending an appointment, write it down & ask at the next visit or call your clinic & ask over the phone or via an email.  HuMom often uses email because it pawvides written answers that she can come back to if necessary. Keeping a journal may assist in seeing things that are easiliy missed such as, are there are more good days then bad or pawhaps your worry is causing you to suffering more than your furlegger.  This information can help you to make future decisions, to relax & to enjoy this moment, this day instead of worrying about tomorrow.  Alice Villalobos’s QualityofLifeScale is a tool Veterinarian’s use to assist in evaluating us furlegger using factors like our ability to take in nourishment, mobility, level of pain & happiness.  How you move forward will dogpend on both the medical needs of your furlegger & your pawsonal pawsition. 


4. Finding Comfort & Reassurance

When huMom talks to others about canine epilepsy or other health issues I often hear her say, ‘Stay in the moment.  Right now is all that matters in this moment.  Be in the now.’ What she means is don’t let a condition or disease dogtermine every moment.  Don’t make every day about the illness. Instead of worrying about the ‘what ifs’ & tomorrows, stay in the now & do what makes you & your furlegger happy. Tomorrow will come & it will then be now.  So why not just be in the now now?  This takes pawctice but with it you can learn to be free from anticipatory grief (sorrow & other feelings experiences as you await a pawtential or impending loss).  Sometimes, a diagnosis can be a good thing. Finally, you have answers for what’s been going on with your cat or dog. Though you may still worry, knowing your options or having a new path to follow may help take some of that burden from you. It’s important to stay focused on your cat or dog during this time. They need you to be there for them, both emotionally & physically. Stress can result in a quicker health decline; you don’t want to be the cause of added stress. We cats & dogs are pawsitively  intuitive; one could say we are like an emotional sponge in that we swiftly pick up others emotions. We are furmily, so let us comfort you while you comfort us. In the end, it’s all about the love. 

If you have been through a similar experiences pawlease tell us what you did that was helpful.  Sharing is caring.  💜nose nudges💜

CEO Olivia 💜 


Remember, if you have a question we love to pawvide you with answers.  Reach out to us here, through Instagram, Facebook, email or call us.  If you don’t have long distance calling contact us online & let us call you. Have a pawsome week, CEO Olivia, Dot & Jerry Underfoot 💜

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6 thoughts on “You Just Received A Diagnoses

  1. Furabuluss post Olivia!!! BellaSita Mum has followed these ruless fore all her catss an 2 doggiess an shee has had alot of help from Bloggin community here over THE yeerss. Shee said without all THE Peepss an 4-leggedss here; shee wuud nevurr have gotten thru ‘angel’ Unkell Purrince Siddhartha’ss untimely passin.
    Thanx fore tacklin a tuff topick an helpin so many!!
    **nose bopss** an ~~head rubss~~BellaDharma~~ an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

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