Dog Gone, It’s Been A Full Year GG



There was a certain energy in our home when we woke today.  It began with a peaceful, quiet & all most still like quality.  HuMom looked at me & said, “It was a year ago today that I last looked into GG’s eyes, the last time I stroked his thick needle like hair, the last time we rubbed noses, the last time I could feel his piggy breath on my skin, it was the last time GG clicked his hoofs on the slate floor, the last time he ouffed ouffed at us.  I miss him.  How grateful I am to have lived 20 years with such a smart, funny, stubborn, clever & affectionate boy.  I will accept this pain because without it I would not have had those 20 years with GG”.

We hope you will understand that today instead of pawsenting our usual FriYaY artist we will take this moment to remember our pawsome GG.  Although we can not see him with our eyes, or touch him with our paws, or smell him with our nose, he is always with us in our hearts & pigtastic memories.  GG knew love.


















Pawlease paw here to read our poem to GG & here to read one of the pawsome ways we honor GG’s memory.

In loving memory of our GG,

CEO Olivia, huMom, Dot & Jerry Underfoot✨🐾💜🐽💜🐾✨

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