In Loving Memory of GG aka Puff Piggy G


Love is what makes us shine brighter✨

It illuminates who we are & radiates outwardly in our world

lighting the paths taken & those to come✨

When someone we love leaves us, all is dark

or so we believe✨

Love is never gone✨

It sits deeper in the quiet realms of our soul

giving light to guide us as we move forward in this world✨

The light is there when we are ready to accept it’s radiance✨

And when we do, it helps us to shine brighter once again✨

Forever shining brightly in my heart, GG🐽

In loving memory of our GG,

CEO Olivia, huMom, SAM, Dot & Jerry Underfoot✨🐾💜🐽💜🐾✨


6 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of GG aka Puff Piggy G

    1. Thank you. HuMom tells me when GG was younger; he lived to be 20, he had the sweetest curly hair that hung from his tail. She said she would braid it & tie a pretty bow at the bottom. His hair; pigs have hair not fur, was so soft but individually they were coarse & needle like. GG would blow his coat & we would find his needle like hair everywhere🐾💜🐽💜🐾

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