What’s The Dog Difference Between Omega Alpha’s Healthy Pet, OptiPet Multi, & Pet Vitality?




Last week we were asked what’s the difference between Omega Alpha‘s ‘Healthy Pet‘, ‘OptiPet Multi‘, & ‘Pet Vitality‘?  Pawtastic question & that’s what I’m here to yap about today.


Let’s start with Healthy Pet.  It is herbal based & formulated with the needs of us dog’s & cat’s immune defense network in mind. This wooftastic supplement can be used seasonally or if your dog or cat is recovering from an illness, a cold, allergy attack or from surgery. Healthy Pet is a pawsome supplement to add temporarily to their diet.  This supplement is not intended for long term use. Omega Alpha recommends 2 to 6 weeks duration.  If you don’t finish a bottle don’t worry; we keep ours in the freezer until we need it again.  You will need to refrigerate after opening.


OptiPet Multi is just as it’s name suggest, a multi mineral &  vitamin supplement.  It can be used long term.  It’s a great supplement to insure you dogs & cats are getting any missing necessary nutrients that may be missing from their diet whether it be raw, home cooked or commercial.  Think of it as a wagnificent insurance policy.  Like Healthy Pet, Opti Pet Multi will need to be refrigerate after opening.


Lastly, there is Pet Vitality which I currently take daily.  It’s a furbulous senior formula that combines some of the best health formulations for recovery, energy levels, minor mobility issues, immune health & joint health for your dogs & cats.  Omega Alpha recognizes that like humans, we dogs & cats are living longer & have special needs too.  Pet Vitality formulation can also be used for the most vulnerable dog & cat rescues & post surgery situations.  It is a complete & gentle formulation that supports many natural healing pathways.  Note this pawduct should not be refrigerated & should be consumed within 3 months after opening.

Before we go, I would like to mention Omega Alpha‘s supplements are based on proven scientific research & testing.  Their mission, like ours is to help improve the health of animals be it non human or human by pawviding safe, effective & all natural remedies of the highest purity & quality.  Trusted since 1992 Omega Alpha‘s supplements are dairy free, gluten, grain & wheat free, egg free, soy free & sugar is never added.  Their pawtastic supplements are also NON-GMO, Laboratory Tested & GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices, a system for ensuring that pawducts are consistently pawduced & controlled according to quality standards).  

I’ve been adding Omega Alpha‘s supplements to my diet for as long as I can remember.  HuMom simply adds them to my meals but we know some of us dogs & cats are little pawticular about food & our meals.  So I wanted to let you know all 3 of these supplements can be given with a syringe directly into your dog or cat’s mouth.  Not Dot’s, Jerry Underfoot’s or my favorite delivery system but huMom told me as a huMom she does what needs to be done to keep us pawfectly healthy. 

Remember, if you have a question we love to pawvide you with answers.  Reach out to us here, through Instagram, Facebook, email or call us.  If you don’t have long distance calling contact us online & let us call you.   

Have a pawsome week, CEO Olivia, Dot & Jerry Underfoot 💜   PS 🐾 Looking for wagnifient healthy & furbulously fun toys or pawsibly a supplement for the well being of your pawtacular good dog or cat? Shop Naturally

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