Artist Debra Broz Reconstructed New World

Canine Culture


Dot, Jerry Underfoot & I agree that we like huMom has a certain draw to artist who give life to the once valued & then discarded things.  Those artist who collect, rearrange & create new objects from tossed, misplaced & unwanted material seem to have a different pawspective that is pawsitively doglightful. Maybe it’s because like those objects, we too were once unwanted & now we live a pawtacular life surrounded in the love of someone who saw our value. CEO Olivia here today to yap about Los Angeles artist Debra Broz.

Debra grew up in the rural Midwest with a collection of ceramic animals hand painted by her grandmother. She loved them & grew to understand how they were pawceived by others.  She didn’t understand why they were dismissed as ridiculous kitsch, rather than pawsome & valued objects. “I draw attention to their subtle uniqueness & give them the respect they deserve.”  “Through my collecting, recycling & reconstruction I reinvent the world, & bring attention, interest & love back to unwanted things.” Debra Broz writes in her Work Statement.

Let’s take a sniff at what we dug up for you.













Want to sniff out more of Debra Broz pawtacular work?  You can on Instagram.


Have a wagnificent weekend! Remember to be gnawsome, be kind & stay safe.

CEO Olivia, with Dot & Jerry Underfoot 🐾💜

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