The Impawtance of an Emergency Kit


September means falling leaves, harvest from our gardens, cooler temperatures & much pawparing for the on coming winter. It is also, National Preparedness Month in the USA.  Hi, CEO Olivia here barking about how to be pawpared for emergency situations. I’m barking about big emergencies such as fire, flooding, hurricanes, tsunami, or any other emergency where you have to leave your home quickly.  Having been in one of these situations myself a few years ago, I know pawsonally how impawtant being pawpared is.

I sniffed out that pawparing 2 kits is best. One you take with you if & when you need to evacuate & the other kit is kept at a place you plan to go to during such an event, such as a furriend’s or relative’s home outside of the danger zone. Only take what is pawsitively necessary for survival, such as food, water & medications.

When packing your good dog(s) & or cat(s) kit it is recommended that you include the following items:

  • FOOD  Store a few days worth of food in airtight, waterproof container(s).  If you make your four legger’s food have it stored in an accessible spot of your freezer. Write a note on your emergency kit reminding you to retrieve the food from the freezer before you leave for the shelter. When you rushing, things can get overlooked.
  • WATER  Have 1 or more water dishes & enough bottled water for a few days.
  • MEDICINE  Keep an extra supply of your good dog’s or cat’s medicine in an airtight container. It’s a good idea to include any supplements you include in their diet. Having sample packs or smaller quantities that can be easily stored in one of your kits is a good idea. Having a product that helps calm your four leggers would be helpful. They are going to be confused & frightened just like you.
  • FIRST AID KIT  This kit should contain everything you would need in a medical emergency or health problem. Remember your Tick Removal kit. There are websites that will list items one should carrying in their first aid kit; go ahead & google it. You can also purchase a ready made first aid kit from many sites.  Again, you can google this for your own pawsonal preferences or contact your local animal shelter. I am sure they could pawvide you with a list of items if not an actual first aid kit.
  • EXTRA COLLARS, HARNESSES, LEASHES WITH ID TAGS  Have spare collars, harnesses, leashes with ID tags as well as copies of your four legger’s registration & health records in an airtight, waterproof container.  A digital copy on a thumb drive, kept on your keychain would also be pawsome.
  • TRAVELING CRATE OR BAG  Use what is ideal for your good dog & cat safety. Safety first & then comfort.
  • GROOMING ITEMS  Include shampoo/conditioner in case a bath is necessary, YIKES! This is especially impawtant for those of us who have allergies & skin sensitivities. Other items could include wipes, towels & drying blankets.
  • SANITATION NEEDS This includes poop bags, pee pads, or belly pads & of course you will need another bag to dispose those items in after they have been used.
  • PHOTOS  This one is an easy one for huMom. 😉  All kidding aside, if you should get separated from you four leggers, having photos to confirm identification & to help others assist you in locating them is wagnificently impawtant.
  • COMFORT ITEMS  Remember to include comfort foods/treats & a favorite knotty toy to help your good dog or cool cat to relax & stay calm.

I hope no one ever has to leave their home in an emergency, but being prepared can make a huge difference on the outcome.

CEO Olivia

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