The Art of Purrfection ~ Furbulous Feline Forms

Canine Culture

Artist Ronald Searle


Hi, CEO Olivia here. Today’s we have a Dot & Jerry Underfoot  pawduction.  Both of whom had no trouble hunting down many meowsome cat creations.  HuMom & I did have to step in & draw a line as to how many they could share in this pawticular post; reminding them to reserve the other 1000s for the future.  Say what you will, they are meowtastic field workers.

Let’s have a sniff,

El Gato, Painter of Cats


Artist Laura Kicey


Artist Svetlana Petrova, FAT CAT ART


Artist Awen, Cat Looking Up at a Dragonfly


Artist Singh, The Famous Cat


Artist Warren Kimble, Black Cat


Diane Ulmer Pedersen, Tiger Cat with Bird


Paul Klee, Cat and Bird


Martha Rich, Love Ya. Mean It.

Have a pawsome weekend. Remember to stay safe.

CEO Olivia, Dot & Jerry Underfoot 🐾💜🐾

In Memory of Melissa 🕯✨

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