Do’s and Don’ts For Good Dog Dental Hygiene


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia reporting & Happy National Pet Dental Health Month. Today I want to bark about what you should consider & things you can do to maintain a good healthy mouth for your good dog or cool cat.

First thing is we must always have clean bowls. A dirty water or food bowl can lead to dental problems as well as urinary tract & bladder infections. Our bowls need the soap & water treatment daily. If left they can develop a slime called biofilm which can host all sorts of nasty bacteria.

I don’t recommend kibble for many reasons, but one of them is because it is a major contributor to dental issues. Kibble crumbles & those crumbles get between our teeth. All kibble contains high levels of sugars & carbohydrates that provide easily available nutrition for oral bacteria. Plaque & tartar buildup are far too common with a kibble diet.

I know a lot of dogs get to gnaw on bones & I used enjoy them as well. Deer antlers have become popular with good dogs too. Both can be a hazard as an over enthusiastic gnawer can crack a tooth on them. I cracked a tooth on a bone which required dental surgery. I really didn’t enjoy that.

You’d think sticks picked up on a walk are the archetypal dog toy but in truth they aren’t really that good. They can splinter & those splinters can get into places they shouldn’t like between our teeth, wedged into the bridge of our mouth or worse stuck in our throat. Wild sticks may also be crawling with mold or bacteria.

The best defence is to create a dental hygiene routine much like the one you do for yourself. It’s never too late to start. First, brush your good dog’s teeth regularly. If your good dog is like me & doesn’t like a traditional toothbrush, I recommend my KTFGD’s Hemp Finger Toothbrush. It may take patience at first (Whether you use a traditional toothbrush or our hemp fingerbrush I’ll go into how next week) but you will be keeping your good dog healthy & saving money from potential dental issues down the road. Also like humans, regular checkups are impawtant. A dental exam by your vet can detect an issue before it becomes a major problem.

Next week I will be barking about the KTFGD’s hemp finger toothbrush & how to make tooth brushing a pawsitive experience for you & your good dog.

Do you brush your good dog’s or cat’s teeth?  Tells us about your routine; we would pawsitivley love to hear it.

CEO Olivia

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