February Is National Pet Dental Health Month


Hi everyone, a sparkly toothed CEO Olivia reporting. Did you know that February is National Pet Dental Health Month? It is, so this month, on Monday’s I will be barking about good dental hygiene for good dogs & cool cats.

Just like with humans, regular dental care is a key part of a good dog or cool cat’s overall health. Gum & tooth problems are a far too common cause of significant health issues in us four leggers. So regular dental exams are just as impawtant for us as they are for you. Having an examination & if necessary a cleaning at least once a year by your vet is vital to check for early signs of problems.

No one wants to have to go through dental surgery. It’s howlingly expensive & can be traumatizing for your good dog or cool cat. huMom has noticed that since I had my dental surgery, a result of a broken tooth, I get very anxious at the vet. Before the surgery, I enjoyed my vet visits because it always involved treats & being treated like a VIP (Very Impawtant Pup). Now it’s “that place that made my mouth hurt”.

This month, I’m going to be barking about ways to keep your 4 legger’s toofers in top form. huMom & I will show you how we keep my teeth & gums healthy. Of course I’ll also be barking about my KTFGD’s all natural hemp finger toothbrush. So stick around.

Enjoy the day.

CEO Olivia ❤

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