A Purrfect Whisker CaTalogue

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Purrhaps you too have found one of your furbulous feline’s whiskers, I know huMom finds them frequently but she has never thought to catalogue them.  She has kept them for other purrposes but has never bound them in a handmade book.

At a young age Janet Gnosspelius the daughter of artist & sculptor Barbara Collingwood & the granddaughter of W.G. Collingwood, John Ruskin’s secretary, & was one of the first women to attend the Liverpool School of Architecture however, did.

Janet Gnosspelius handmade book, ‘Cats Whiskers’ contains every one of her cats’ whiskers found in her home from 1940 to 1942. She wove the whiskers into the pages, dated, & noted how each was discovered, whether “while playing darts,” “under edge of lino in pantry,” on the “dining room hearthrug,” or “under back door draught protector.”

At age 40, Janet Gnosspelius channeled her meowsome creative energy again when she created a special diary documenting the lives of her feline furiends. The diary is no ordinary one,” a note from archivists reads. “It is written from the perspective of her beloved ginger cat Butterball, recording the dates of his fights, illnesses, & stays with friends: ‘9 March 1965: wrapped my mouse in the mat outside kitchen door.’”

Enough about this human Janet, lets take a look at this pawsitively pawtastic feline whisker catalogue 😻

Have a safe, wooftastic weekend.

CEO Olivia 💜

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