Springtime is Tick Time


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. With the Spring fully arrived, it’s time to be on guard for those ugly little critters called ticks.

Ticks are small insects that are related to spiders. They are most active from spring through fall here in Eastern Ontario, but can be a year round pest further south in places like Florida. Ticks can be found in forests, tall brush or grass. But they aren’t just in the country side, they live in big city parks & backyards too.

Ticks will jump on an animal as it’s walking by. Then they burrow in to feed on blood. In doing so, ticks can transmit deadly diseases & parasites. For example, Lyme disease is carried by ticks.

During these warm months, it’s a good idea to check your good dog regularly after time outside. Luckily, ticks are visible to the naked eye & will grow as they feed. If you do spot a tick, it is important to take care when removing it. Any contact with the tick’s blood can potentially transmit infection to your good dog or even to you! Treat the area with rubbing alcohol & pluck the parasite with a tick remover (see below), making sure you’ve gotten the head. Never squeeze the tick or it will ‘barf’ into the wound. The ‘barf’ may have parasites or carry viruses.

The longer a tick feeds the more likely disease can be transmitted, it is wise for your good dog to be seen by a vet soon after any ticks are found. If possible, keep the tick in a jar of alcohol & bring it with you to your vet. It can then be tested for things like Lyme disease.

Although we don’t use them, there are medications you can give your good dog both to prevent & kill ticks. There are many pills, spray’s, & shampoos. While these medications are great, you still need to be very careful about which one you use. Make sure you read all labels carefully, & if you have any doubts, seek advice from your veterinarian before application.

My huMom always gives me a thorough check after our walks. She pays special attention to my ears, lips, nose, under my chin, the top of my legs & between my toes. These are places ticks like to hide.

As I mentioned above, there is also a tool called a “tick Twister” that is specifically designed for removing ticks. They can be purchased at a pet supply store or ask your vet. I sniffed out a video on how a Tick Twister works, it seems very easy.

Please stay home & stay safe. We’re in this together.


CEO Olivia

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