Sticks and Bones


Hi everyone, CEO Olivia barking. As I’ve mentioned, February is National Pet Dental Health Month. Good dental hygiene is as impawtant to us as it is for you. Today I want to mention a couple of things dogs commonly put in their mouths but in my opinion, maybe we shouldn’t.

Some good dogs like to chew on sticks or bones & their humans may think this is pawfectly fine. Although this is natural behavior, especially for our wild cousins, sticks & bones can be dangerous.

Branches, twigs or sticks splinter when they are gnawed on & those splinters can end up stuck in our mouths, throats or bellies, causing injury or infections. On top of that, sticks are dirty & may have mold or bacteria on them which can be pawsitively yucklicious to us dogs & even some cats but not good for us.

I learned the hard way that bones can be too hard for some dogs. I cracked a tooth while gnawing on a bone. Just like sticks, bones can splinter as well causing the same complications. Dogs love bones & it’s culturally acceptable to give a dog a bone (isn’t there a song about that?) but they can be dangerous.

Obviously there are numerous alternatives to gnawing on sticks or bones. No matter what you chose, be cautious. As I mentioned, I broke a tooth on a bone, huMom’s beloved Destabella got a stick lodged in the roof of her mouth & I’ve sniffed out some scary tales online of good dogs needing surgery to remove splinters. I haven’t shared them because they are dog gone gruesome.

CEO Olivia

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