Hemp Canvas, Toothbrush, Finger Sock. Wait, what?


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia barking at you. As some of you know, I had to have dental surgery earlier this year. I had a cracked tooth from possibly chewing on a bone. I’ve recovered but it wasn’t at all fun.

Let me be blunt, canine dental work is very expensive & commercial dog treats & foods like kibble are actually really bad for a good dog’s teeth. Poor quality foods like kibble contribute to gum & tooth disease. Plaques, stained teeth & tartar buildup are common with regular kibble eaters. High levels of sugars & carbohydrates present in kibble provide available nutrition for oral bacteria.  I’m glad I don’t eat that stuff but if you do please make sure to brush your fangs.

My huMom has always tried her best to take care of my teeth. She used to use a small child’s tooth brush but she wasn’t happy using plastic bristles to clean my teeth because I would chew on it & well, it was plastic. So she developed something made from hemp.

With my guidance, huMom came up with a hemp canvas finger sock toothbrush that she can slip over her finger. She applies a little doggy toothpaste, & rubs my teeth & gums with the hemp socked finger. It works really well. I pawtend to be offended at first but then I get into it.

It’s also easy to keep the hemp sock clean, just toss it in the washing machine.

We’re so pleased with this method of brushing my teeth that we’ve decided to add the hemp canvas finger sock toothbrush to our Knotty Toys for Good Dogs store. Even my vet said my teeth looked wooftastic. They will be available sometime in February which just so happens to be National Pet Dental Health Month.

One of the prototypes

However, at the moment we don’t have a name for our “hemp canvas, toothbrush, finger sock”. Maybe you have an idea or some feedback? Do you think we should have different sizes? Please bark out your thoughts.

CEO Olivia


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