A Pawtacular Pawtrait of Giving

Canine Culture

Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. Today I’m tail wagging excited to share a wooftastic gift my huMom received. She participated in a Secret Santa gift exchange this year started by Ruth Ann Nipper who is not only the huMom of the beloved & sadly departed Misty The Beautiful  who we have know since I started my Facebook page Oh, The Life of Olivia back in 2014, she is also deeply involved & well known in the canine community. We were completely shocked when huMom opened her package.

An artist named D.J. Bykowski had been commissioned by huMom’s secret Santa to do a water color portrait of yours truly. Watercolor pet portraits are Arizona based Bykowski’s specialty. I think she really captured my eyes. It’s almost like looking in a mirror.

HuMom & I want to thank Susie Gosselin for this pawsome gift. Thank you as well to Diane Bykowski, a wagnificently talented artist & to Ruth Ann Nipper for creating this special opportunity to share joy🕊

CEO Olivia


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