It’s take your (Good) Dog to Work Day

Canine Culture

Since 1999, on the first Friday after Fathers day, humans & canines alike have been celebrating international “Take Your Dog to Work Day”. My huMom does it everyday, the Knotty Toys for Good Dogs’ office is just upstairs after all. But I understand not all good dogs get to hang out at work with their human.

Today I’m sharing images of working dogs. I wonder, who can they take to work today? BOL!

Sheep dog working

Military Police Dog

search & rescue dog

guide dog

dog at computer

Have you joined in my Barkday Card Drive for the Wally Foundation? It’s not to late. Paw here for all the details.

CEO Olivia โค

6 thoughts on “It’s take your (Good) Dog to Work Day

  1. The boys spend the day in my office and Bentley likes to work late into the evening on some days. That means they go in my office and sleep while I work and since Bentley loves the bed in there, he takes his late evening nap in there too. Haha!

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