Do I look like this dog?

Canine Culture

It’s Friday, I bet your glad. Hello, CEO Olivia here. Over the years, my HuMom has been asked many times what kind of dog am I. A very good dog is the answer. BOL! But seriously, today I’m going to show you some of the breeds people have thought I might be. For clarity, I’m officially a Labrador -Bull Terrier cross. This is what the shelter had me registered as.

This first dog is called a Hungarian Vizsla. I can see a resemblance.

Vizsla dog

Next we have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. You can see a resemblance in my body.


Humans have also wondered if I’m part Rhodesian Ridgeback. I don’t think so.

rhodesian ridgeback dog

This beautiful Golden Labrador has my tail. What do you think?

golden labradorWho do you think I look like? There are so many different breeds of dogs but like my HuMom says, “bottom line, a dog is a dog”.

Have a wooftastic weekend.

CEO Olivia โค

4 thoughts on “Do I look like this dog?

  1. I’m with your HuMom: “Bottom line, a dog is a dog.” Ducky is registered as a Cardigan Corgi/Labrador Retriever mix. Her body shape is very much like a Corgi. Her ears are pointy-ish and sometimes stand straight up, sometimes not. Her head is sort of like a Corgi and sort of like a Lab, just much smaller in both cases (including her snout, which is way shorter in length than either breed it seems to me). Her legs are long and slender – though not as long – like a Lab’s; but her paws are shaped more like a Corgi’s. Personality-wise, she’s mostly Corgi. And then again at times mostly Lab. She definitely has the herding instincts of a Corgi, she has the affectionate nature of a Lab, too, when it suits her purpose. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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