Off topic ~ Bats!


Hello everyone. CEO Olivia here. The other night, while walking with my huMom, we saw a bat flying over head. My huMom was very excited to see it & I was curious as to why. She explained that the sky used to be filled with them at night but over the past few years they have all but disappeared.

The reason is that a terrible, fatal disease called White Nose Syndrome has all but wiped out several bat species across North America. It’s transmitted from direct contact but also lives in the soil found in bat lairs. Some species have lost 90% of their population. It is estimated some 7 million bats have died since 2012. That translates into at least 2.4 million pounds of insects (1.1 million kg) will go uneaten annually. That’s a lot more bug bites & remember that heartworm is carried by mosquitoes.

It should be noted that bats save farmers in the United States about 3 billion dollars annually in pest control costs. Also, numerous bat species are crucial for pollination & seed dispersal.

Bat populations are slowly recovering but it may take years. You humans can help out by having bat boxes on your property. A bat box is basically a bat home where a mother bat can raise her babies. Baby bats are called “pups”, just like us dogs ( 3 bum swings!). You can go to the bat conservation web site for all kinds of information on how to build a bat box or where you can purchase one. There are even instructional videos.

I know bats have a bad reputation but they are vital to the ecology of our planet. They can eat their own weight in mosquitoes in just an evening. That’s good enough for me.

CEO Olivia โค

3 thoughts on “Off topic ~ Bats!

  1. We love the little bats that fly around our city streets but either there aren’t as many these days with all the recent over-development or I’m as blind as…well…a bat. ๐Ÿ˜‡ Ours are very small and feast on pesky mosquitoes. I knew about white nose syndrome in bats in the wild but hope that it hasn’t affected city bats as well.

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