Is My Good Dog’s Food Safe? ~ Now You Know


With what seems like an endless parade of dog food recalls, I was asked, “How can I know if my good dog’s food is safe?” Well the easiest way is to make it yourself with fresh ingredients. There are a lot of online recipes for good, healthy dog food. But I understand not all humans have time for such things.

Luckily there is something called the Clean Label Project, which is a nonprofit organization focusing on health & transparency in consumer product labeling.

The Clean Label Project screened more than 900 dog & cat foods as well as treats for over 130 toxins including heavy metals, BPA, pesticides, & other contaminants with links to cancer & other serious health conditions in animals. They tested 71 brands that represented “the top 90 percent of the best-selling products in each category.”

What they found was disturbing. The Clean Label Project has tested tens of thousands of consumer products but they have never seen environmental & industrial contaminants as high as they have found in pet foods. Here are just three examples:

  • Some pet foods contained 2,420 parts per billion of lead, which is 16 times more than has been found in Flint, Michigan’s “tainted” water.
  • 1,917 percent more arsenic was present in pet food (5,550 parts per billion) than in cigarette tobacco (360 parts per billion).
  • There was 980 percent more BPA (a plastic polymer used to line the inside of cans) in pet food in comparison to a can of chicken soup.

Research into the long-term health effects in pets of chronic exposure to most of the contaminants that were studied simply hasn’t been done. Personally, I think a better safe than sorry approach to results like these would be wise. Why feed your good dog or good cat a food that contains high levels of toxins when potentially safer alternatives are available?

Is the food or treats you feed your good dog or cat on the list? Have a look & see. To answer the question, “Is my good dog’s food safe?” If it’s a commercial brand, sadly, it probably isn’t.

What do you feed your good dog? Do you make it from scratch or buy it at the store? Either way I’d like to hear your thoughts.

CEO Olivia


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