We all have our own internal clock. It follows a 24 hour cycle known as circadian rhythm. Chronotherapy is the practice of timing medication with respect to disease changes related to circadian rhythm. It is believed that Chronotherapy can maximize drug efficacy & minimize adverse effects.

Researchers have identified several seizure patterns linked to natural circadian rhythms &/or wakefulness/sleep cycles. Natural rhythms can alter anti epileptic drug’s (AED’s) digestion, absorption, distribution, metabolism, & excretion. Furthermore, AEDs themselves can modify circadian or diurnal (wake/sleep) patterns. Early trials in humans suggest some epileptic patients may have improved seizure management if their conventional treatment is shifted to chronotherapy.

Keeping a hand written or electronic seizure diary will help identify patterns in seizure activity. My huMom knows from my diaries that quick weather changes or the days around the full moon are times to prepare for me to have an epileptic event. More often than not, my events occur in the early hours of the morning, usually between midnight & 2am, or between 5am & 8am.

Although chronotherapy is in its infancy, it may offer relief to those who appear to have rhythmic breakthrough seizures. New dosing strategies based on your good dog’s natural circadian rhythm may help. We intend to consult my vet about chronotherapy.

CEO Olivia

One thought on “Chronotherapy

  1. Wow, this is a fascinating development. It seems like Elsa’s seizures come in the afternoon, early evening. I will definitely keep a much closer eye out on this and broaden it to include times of the month. Thanks for sharing this information. 😇


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