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In my last blog post I touched on the growing need of sanctuaries for pigs. My late pig bro Miggy came to us from Ruby Ranch Sanctuary so today I’m going to talk about them.

Ruby Ranch Sanctuary began in 2004 with a rescued pot bellied pig named Ruby. In 2008, the owners, Sherry & Bob sold their home in the city & moved to a 12 acre farm in Arthur, Ontario, Canada. They currently have 22 pigs. 18 potbellies & 3 farm pigs.

They have taken in all they can manage. But Sherry says that there isn’t a week that goes by that she doesn’t get at least one email, phone call or message on Facebook from someone needing to re-home a pig. It’s worse just before Christmas when people don’t want to deal with a pig in there home while celebrating with guests. Also at the start of summer because people want to go on holidays, & just before winter because people don’t want to winterize for them. I got to say these people don’t seem very responsible.

Ruby Ranch is not taking in any more pigs. Caring for so many is very demanding physically & emotionally. Sherry says, “We’re not getting any younger & this is a young person’s thing”.

If you would like to help, Ruby Ranch is always in need of blankets, hay, straw, pink insulation, plywood, dog houses, fruit, veggies or cash donations. You can become a monthly sponsor for one or more pig if you wish.

It’s a sad state that these sanctuaries are needed, yet I’m very grateful for people like Sherry & Bob’s selfless devotion to these wonderful pigs.
CEO Olivia


One thought on “Ruby Ranch sanctuary

  1. Until we can turn around our ‘disposable’ society, rescues &/or sanctuaries like Ruby Ranch and others will always be the norm. I suggest education much like the spay/neuter programs have helped reduce over population of breeding dogs and cats. It’s a small start but you gotta start somewhere. Kudos to Ruby Ranch for all they do!

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