Pig Sanctuaries Revisited



I have spoken before about pig sanctuaries. It is a wonderful thing that there are humans out there who care for these amazing animals but it is also a terrible thing that sanctuaries are even needed.

Let’s be blunt. There is no such thing as a micro pig, mini pig or tea cup pig. Breeders lie, telling unsuspecting buyers that the baby pig they are selling will remain small & make a great apartment size pet. Some people are even foolish enough to starve their pig to keep it small. I’ve heard of a pig that was fed nothing but cheerios.

But pigs grow. Within a few months the little tea cup has grown bigger than most dogs. Pigs are not at all like dogs. As much as I hate to admit it, they are much more intelligent, they can reason & solve problems & can be quit a handful if bored. Their instinct to root can become destructive in a home. Pigs require special food & care. For example, trimming a pigs nails isn’t as simple as trimming my dog nails. Simply put, pigs are not a good choice for a companion unless you have done your research, checked your bylaws & have plenty of land (that you don’t mind being dug up) for grazing.

Far too often, people don’t do enough or any research. They don’t even check to see if having a pig is legal where they live.  So sadly, after a few months the pig is given up to a shelter or a sanctuary.

It’s now a crisis. Pig sanctuaries are overwhelmed & the need keeps growing. Pigs have large litters & the supply outweighs the demand. Yet these breeders, greedy for a few dollars continue to breed pigs & lie about the mythical “Tea Cup Pig”.

Next I will be speaking about the sanctuary where we got my late pig bro Miggy from. I’ll close today by saying my huMom did a lot of research & lives rural. She knew what she was getting into when she rescued Miggy, GG & Moss. I just wish more humans were like her.

I’ve included an informative video but I think you need to be logged into Facebook to view it.


CEO Olivia

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