Save Sky from BSL



Hello everyone, Olivia here. Today I want to try & help a dog in need. I’d like your help too. Sky lives in the UK & has been taken from her family because of the BSL (Breed Specific Legislation). She simply looks like a ‘dangerous dog’ so she’s been condemned to die. That’s her in the picture above, does she look dangerous to you? The only reason she’s still alive is because her family is fighting a court battle to save her.

Her court costs are beyond what her family can manage on their own so they are getting help from an organization in the U.K. called DDA Watch. (Dangerous Dog Act Watch). They assist dog owners who are facing legal proceedings, for example under the Dangerous Dogs Act by advising dog owners in preparation for court hearings. They liaise with legal defense teams, police forces, local authorities, behavioral & ID experts & the families themselves involved in what are very distressing circumstances.

Here’s where you can help. The DDA Watch is helping Sky’s family. But they need financial help as they are a not for profit charity. They raise funds through online auctions which you can find on Facebook.  Please have a look at what they have to offer & make a bid on something. It’s for a very good cause.

A dog is a dog, regardless of their appearance. The BSL should be banned everywhere because it’s wrong.

CEO Olivia



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