Can Dogs Detect Seizures?



Hello everyone, Olivia here. On the weekend I had a fight with that wicked Epi-Monster. I had two Grand Mal seizures back to back. My protocols were followed, I took my cluster-buster (Keppra) & I’m happy to say, I’m doing well today.

My HuMom noticed that a few minutes before my attack, my fur sister, Suzie Q got up from a deep sleep & left the room (That’s Suzie Q in the picture). Suzie doesn’t feel comfortable when I’m fighting the monster & prefers to be in another room. So we are wondering, did Suzie sense a change in me?

I did a little sniffing about & found that the experts in such matters have not concluded either way if a dog can detect an impending seizure. There are working dogs who help humans during an epilepsy episode & those dogs seem to be able to know a seizure is imminent. It might be a case of some dogs can & some dogs can’t. Suzie is a Rottweiler/hound cross who is slowly going deaf & blind because she’s an older dog. Her nose seems to be pure hound & still works fine however. Perhaps she smells something that tells her I’m about to have a seizure.

My HuMom is going to be paying extra attention if Suzie Q suddenly gets up & leaves the room in the night.  Suzie Q  just might be my early warning system of an impending attack.

here is an article from the Epilepsy Foundation on the subject

six medical conditions that dogs can sniff out

CEO Olivia

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