Adopting or Fostering Older Dogs



Far too often, an older dog will be handed over to a shelter. Sometimes it’s because the human can no longer care for their canine friend & must give them up. But what’s even more sad is when a senior dog is surrendered for the wrong reasons. There are many excuses, they smell, they’ve become too much work…all very selfish reasons to give up on aย  friend. But it happens.

Most people when they come to a shelter are looking for a puppy or at least a young dog. The senior dogs are often past over. But this shouldn’t be the case. A senior dog can be a wonderful companion.

Let me share a few good reasons you should consider an older dog if you are adopting or thinking of fostering.

  • Already house trained
  • no teething like a puppy
  • Generally calmer

But also

  • you’re adopting a dog who’s chances are slim. As I said above, most people want a youngster.
  • you’re freeing up space for another dog, possibly another senior
  • your enriching a life that may have been cut short simply because they’re no longer youthful, too much work or perhaps their human has fallen on hard times or has died.
  • You’ll be getting a devoted, grateful & simply pawsome furiend.

There are many rescues & shelters that work with senior dogs. Here is just a small sample…

The Senior Dog Project offers a lot of information including an extensive list of shelters & rescues where you can adopt a senior.

The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs is a well established non-profit that fosters & facilitates adoptions.

ARTS Senior Animal Rescue is a rescue dedicated to helping senior animals in need – 8 years old plus for dogs & 10 years old plus for cats.

If your thinking of adopting or fostering, consider a senior dog. I’m sure a quick Google search will find a shelter or rescue with senior dogs near you.

CEO Olivia โค


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