Important Announcement

News, News Flash


On Saturday April 2nd our home & business was destroyed in a fire. It began in the neighbour’s garage & quickly spread to our house. The volunteer firefighters were unable to save either home. Sadly, we’ve lost everything.

When the fire began several neighbours came running & were very helpful in getting my pig bro’s to safety as well as myself & Suzie Q. One of my cat sisters, Dottie, was already outside but sadly my other cat sister, Misty a.k.a. Miss Missy didn’t make it out.

We are down but not out. This is not the end of Knotty Toys for Good Dogs. We will rebuild & start again.

We have much gratitude to the volunteer firefighters for their efforts, the Earle family members who stayed all day to help, our neighbours who ran to our aid & our small community who have donated & offered so much support. Thank you also to Dista Goguen of Critter Comforts & Clips for donating food, bedding & toys for us critters. Thank you to our neighbours Sid & Verna for housing the pigs for 2 nights, as well as the emotional support they’ve given us. Sid also helped us secure a temporary shelter for Miggy & GG. Special thank you to Jenn Rush & Jim Myers for opening their home to us. Thank you also to Patty & Lloyd Embry for the use of their van & for simply being there for us. Thank you Mellisa for contacting our peoples & letting them know what was happening.

We also wish to thank all those who have reached out to offer support via the internet. BFF Angel Ruger’s huMom, Mel Jane & her partner Jason Eddy. Also BFF Fearghas’ huMom. Thank you also Hunter Vollmar & friends .

Thank you also to Rick Selwood of the Wally Foundation.

The ourpouring of support has been wooftastic & we will be posting more thank yous in the coming days. We apologise to anyone we may have missed. ❤

We will go on. That which does not destroy us, makes us stronger.

CEO Olivia

❤ nose nudges ❤

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