Redemption Dogs

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Today I’d like to share a photo blog I discovered called Redemption Dogs by Toronto photographer Nicole Simone. Featuring the stories of rescue dogs, each picture in the series tells the tale of a dog who got the loving life they deserve.

In her own words; “I started the project in March 2014 as an in studio portrait series. I wanted to show the happily ever after that many of these dogs have & the positive impact they have on their human’s lives…you see so many sad stories & people pleading to adopt, but you never see what happens years afterward”.

Nicole hopes her photos will encourage more people to adopt rescues. “A lot of people think rescue dogs are broken, dangerous or damaged goods. Some people even say these dogs are homeless for a reason,” she said. “We want to break that stigma.”

I am a rescue myself & it warms my heart to see such wonderful photographs & stories.

Redemption Dogs

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