Honoring Riona, A Mastiff’s Life With Epilepsy

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For those of you who don’t know, we dogs that live with Canine Epilepsy are affectionately known as Epi-Warriors. Today we pay tribute to one of these Epi-Warriors, my furiend Riona (Beowulf’s Wild Irish Rose). She was a beautiful English Mastiff who was diagnosed with Genetic Epilepsy. She was born 05/27/10 & was diagnosed in February 2012. Sadly, she passed away 12/19/14 after battling Epilepsy for almost three years.

She may have appeared intimidating being such a large dog but she was a true gentle giant. Living with Canine Epilepsy never got to her. She loved life, loved people & loved treats. Riona lived with her brother Fearghas who also lives with canine epilepsy & their Boxer sister Killian. Riona, Fearghas & Killian were always very supportive & concerned for each other when the epi-monster attacked. Riona is much loved & missed by her family.

Riona’s huMom has written a heartfelt piece which you can read by clicking on the link below.

Riona & Fearghas’ Story

Riona’s Facebook page

Riona my furiend, you are missed ❤ gentle nose nudges ❤ Our thoughts are with your family & loved ones.

CEO Olivia

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