Give The Gift of Love ~ Sponsorship & Fostering



Have you ever considered being a foster or sponsor to a shelter animal? A foster takes a dog or cat from a shelter into their home on a temporary basis. This is a very good thing to do. Fostering frees up space to make room for others in need. Fostering also provides a means of accessing an animal’s true nature which is often difficult to see in a high stress shelter environment. Many dogs & cats don’t cope well in a shelter environment & would do much better in a home setting. You can foster a mother with pups, or a senior, or an animal with special needs.

So how does one become a foster? First contact your local shelter or rescue group & fill out an application. Often this step can be done online. Next, you would be interviewed by a shelter personal . Once you’re approved you will be paired up with a dog or cat that you & the shelter staff feel would be a good fit. For example if you already have a dog then you will be matched with a dog or cat that is comfortable with other dogs.

Fostering can be short or long term. Again, this will be worked out between you & the shelter staff factoring such things as, for example, the animal’s needs, your schedule or your particular skills in training or health care. Sometimes, love is in the air & the foster turns into an adoption. This is often affectionately referred to as a ‘Foster Failure’.


If you are considering becoming a foster, you should be realistic in considering what you can provide in regards to time, exercise & socialization for your guest. If a younger, energetic dog may be too much for you there are many senior dogs that would benefit from being fostered.


Another option would be to be a sponsor. Sponsoring is offering financial support to a specific shelter, animal or animals. Perhaps you can provide food donations for your local shelter or help pay for medical bills. Whatever you do, it’s always valued, appreciated, & helps lighten the stress for the shelter & the animal.  It’s  just good karma.

CEO Olivia

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