Vitamins for your Good Dog ~ Good Idea?



People spend millions of dollars annually on pet vitamins. Vitamins are good, right? We take them to boost our health. But maybe they aren’t a good idea for your good dog. Most assume vitamins are natural. But most of the vitamins you’ll find in your dog’s supplements or food are made from waste products from the petroleum & coal industries & hydrogenated sugars.

Vitamins are made from these industrial waste products simply because it’s cheaper & because they last longer than the vitamins found in real foods. This means they can sit on shelves for months or years.

These cheap synthetic vitamins aren’t giving your dog the benefits you’re paying for. Synthetic vitamins aren’t recognizable by a dog’s body & are treated as toxins & excreted (this is why your pee is yellow and smelly when you take vitamins … it’s detoxification). There are many studies showing that synthetic vitamins aren’t very bio-available which means your dog can’t use them like real vitamins. This is hard on your dog’s kidneys & over time, they can burn out.

Unfortunately most commercial foods & supplements for pets contain synthetic vitamins. There are some companies with healthy supplements & food that use herbs & natural products. It’s very important to research & read the labels.

CEO Olivia

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