Staying Mentally Healthy


Calculus dog

Dogs are not designed to be left alone all day inside with nothing to do. They are active, outdoor animals who need regular exercise to maintain good mental health. Without a regular energy outlet offered by walks & fun dog games like fetch or tug, they can become destructive in their boredom. A well exercised dog will be less anxious, more mentally engaged & satisfied.

Taking your dog for a daily walk or two works on multiple levels to help his mind. Your dog gets to do dog stuff like sniff & explore the world through his/her powerful nose. He gets to be with you which he loves. Plus, he’ll get to see other dogs. Well socialized dogs enjoy a good sniff or greet with other friendly dogs on the trail.

Games like tug & fetch are not only great for the pure fun of it, but are great outlets for satisfying natural urges in your dog that mentally engage them as well. Canines have a natural need to want to grab & pull things with their mouths (tug) & chasing is what canines do when they’re after prey in the wild (fetch a Knotty Gnaw). “Find it” is another useful game that engages that nose (& mind). Just hide treats & let the dog find them.

To sum up, daily exercise & interaction is key to keeping your good dog in good health, not only physically but mentally as well.

CEO Olivia

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