Doggy Bad Breath


Dog hiding mouth

Bad breath or Halitosis is a common issue with dogs. The most common cause of bad breath in dogs & cats is periodontal disease. As bacteria build up on the teeth & form plaque, the resulting smell can get very unpleasant. Left untreated, the smell will get worse. The most beneficial treatment is a full cleaning at the veterinarian, though home care such as tooth brushing & a chew toy such as a Knotty Gnaw can help preserve dental health in between cleanings.

Halitosis can also result from other medical conditions. Bacterial infections of the mouth, throat or lungs, fungal overgrowth, or cancer can also cause bad breath. Systemic diseases such as diabetes or kidney disease might affect the breath. A proper diagnosis requires blood work.

Bad breath may also be diet related, especially if the dog or cat is on a strong-smelling fish based diet or has a habit of eating poop. If the breath is bad enough to knock you over, it’s probably something that will need a vet exam to solve. However most cases of halitosis are easily treatable.

Always keep the water bowl clean & fresh, maintain a healthy diet, use good quality chew toys & brush those teeth using a canine toothpaste (dogs don’t spit & human toothpaste is not edible). These steps can help keep your dog breath less offensive if not down right diggity dog pleasant.

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