Canine Epilepsy, Good days & Bad

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Epilepsy Awareness Olivia

A Good Day…I wake up with yawns & whistles. A few stretches, then out to the yard for my business. Next it’s breakfast, then at 11 am sharp I get my meds. For the last few years my normal regimen has been 60mg Phenobartital along with 1ml Potassium Bromide 300mg/ml every 12 hours. At noon I get my CBD (Cannabidiol) cookie.

Throughout the day,  if the weather is nice I play with my Knotty Gnaw or treat ball while I supervise the yard. In the afternoon I have my walk along with my pack mate Suzie Q. My huMom takes different routes each day to keep things interesting but we walk/hike at least 3 – 5 Km if not more depending on my strength /& the weather. After my walk it’s nap time until dinner.

In the evening I take 3 mg of Melatonin around 9:30 pm. My second round of Phenobarbital & Potassium Bromide is at 11 pm.  At midnight I have my late night CBD (Cannabidiol) cookie. Then it’s snuggles & sleep.

A Bad Day… My seizures usually come in the middle of the night. My huMom is often awakened by my pounding heart which usually is a sign I’m going into a Grand Mal. Sometimes Ocular Compression Therapy & an ice pack between my shoulders works & things go back to normal for a while. But when I go into a seizure my huMom helps me through it. I’m some what fortunate in that my seizures are short (less than a minute). As soon as possible I’m given 2mg of Clonazepam ( the cluster buster). I get food because a seizure burns a lot of calories & it’s very important to keep my blood sugar levels stable. My huMom fills my Kong with organic coconut oil which helps me to stay focus & calm instead of dashing frantically into things; the result of the postictal state.

If I manage to fight off a seizure or the OCT works I’m also given a cluster buster right away. We call that “Prevent An Event” thanks to a good furiend who helped us understand how import this is. I have a cooling pad because it is believed being too hot can trigger more seizures & my huMom will make sure it is under me while I rest.

If I have more seizures it could be minutes or it could be hours in between. Everyone tries to keep my home quiet & peaceful as I rest & recover. I follow my cluster buster regimen taking one pill 6 hrs after the first one, then 8 hrs 2X, then 12hrs 2X.

A week ago I started to take a new drug called Zonisamide. Once I adjust to this new medication the goal is to slowly decrease the dose of Phenobarbital with the hope of completely eliminating it altogether. Next, my Veterinarian hopes to decrease the Potassium Bromide dose with the goal being to completely eliminate this drug too. While I’m transitioning I’ve temporarily stopped taking the CBD cookies & the nightly melatonin.  We are doing this so we can observe more clearly the effects of the Zonisamide.

Mostly I have good days. Many, many good days. I’m fortunate to have a loving home & lots of furiends & support. When the bad days come, we, as a pack work together to help me stay safe & regain my strength.

CEO Olivia

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