The Yawning Dog

Canine Culture




Have you ever noticed that dogs yawn a lot? It’s not just because they are tired. A dog will also yawn when presented with new situations or when he’s unclear as to what is going on or what’s expected. As a form of stress release, a dog who is waiting for you will also yawn as way to burn excess energy. In both situations, it’s a way of calming down.

In group settings such as a dog park or in obedience classes you’ll see dogs do a lot of yawning . They know something should & could be expected from them but maybe unsure as to what exactly.

Dogs will also yawn as a way of saying, “I’m feeling good”. With this yawn they expect a yawn in response in order to know everyone else is ok too whether that be you or another dog.

To sum up, a dog yawn can mean, “I’m confused or anxious”, or it can mean, “let’s go already”, or it can mean, “I’m good, are you?”

Yawn 😉

CEO Olivia

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