Carrots Pack More Than A Crunch



CEO Olivia here. I love my daily carrot (some times, two). People have asked my HuMom if carrots are good for dogs. Here’s what we can share with you.

Carrots contain lots of Beta-Carotene which can be converted to vitamin A. It’s true, beta carotene can help vision to a point but there are other benefits. It also works as an antioxidant which can help fight disease & infections. Vitamin A is important for healthy skin & coat, bone development & cancer prevention. Beta carotene can help boost the immune system of an older dog.

Of course there is a limit & too much vitamin A can cause muscle weakness but I would have to eat a bushel daily for me to have too many carrots. I’d probably enjoy it but one a day will do just fine.

CEO Olivia

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For more reading:

Do Carrots Naturally Improve Your Dog’s Vision?

Effects of age and dietary beta-carotene on immunological variables in dogs.

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