Living with Canine Epilepsy



It has happened more than once. I tell someone my dog has epilepsy & they say, “If it was me, I’d have the dog put down”. People seem to think Olivia’s life is nothing but suffering & endless seizures. Nothing could be further from the truth. 99.9% of the time, Olivia is a happy playful dog with an obvious sense of humor. But she does have special needs. Olivia needs 2 different medications twice a day, special attention to nutrition, food intake, her multiple supplements including CBDs, environment & stress levels.  Routine & daily exercise/walks are important.

During a seizure she is kept as comfortable as possible.  Olivia takes a 3rd medicine often referred to as a cluster buster to avoid cluster seizures (more than one seizure in a 24hr period).  A Kong filled with organic coconut oil seems to help her focus & calms her.

In future posts we will explain the various types of epilepsy & the many different variety of seizures canine epileptics experience. Also, we will explore the variety of therapies that they can benefit from.  There will be updates on Olivia’s CBD meds & how & if they are helping.

Olivia is a Canine Epilepsy Ambassador & spreads awareness through her Facebook page:

Oh, The Life of Olivia

She can also be found on Twitter @EpiLifeOfOlivia

CEO Olivia’s huMom

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