Trimming Your Good Dog’s Nails

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Trimming our good dog’s nails should be part of their routine care.  Some good dogs will wear them down but most will need a routine trim & all of them need their dewclaws trimmed.

It’s important to first get your dog comfortable with their toes & feet being touched.  Positive reinforcement is a great way to do this.  Each time you touch their feet, give them a treat.  Once they are relaxed & comfortable with this, it’s time to introduce your trimming tool.   Let them sniff it & give them a treat.  Repeat this & then slowly touch them with the tool & give them another treat.  When they are no longer curious or frightened by the tool touch their toes with it & give them another treat.  Repeat this until you feel they are relaxed enough to do a small clip.  It doesn’t have to be a perfect trim, just a quick small clip & give them a treat.  For most this procedure will take weeks so be patient & be calm.  You want each step to be relaxed & enjoyable for both you & your good dog.

Below is video with Dr. Andy sharing his 2 Simple Tips for Trimming Your Dog or Cat’s Nail.

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