Our New Cat Toys Are Here!


Cat Jerry Underfoot at work

Hi there, Jerry Underfoot reporting. Our CEO, Olivia has asked me to do today’s blog. That’s because I have a special announcement that all cats will find tail twitchingly exciting. Knotty Toys for Good Dogs has created a new soft toy for cool cats. It’s called the Knotty Nip. They are 100% Earth friendly, made from hemp cloth, with hemp fiber stuffing, huMom has added a pinch of organic catnip to make the Knotty Nip irresistible. It’s all stitched together with organic cotton thread and finished off with a hemp thread tail.

Knotty Nip cat toy

They’re available online now on our store. If your home has more than one cool cat, we have three packs too. Just in time for the holidays!

Jerry Underfoot – Cat toy tester at Knotty Toys for Good Dogs


Origami Dogs

Canine Culture

Hello one & all, welcome to Friday. CEO Olivia here. Today I want you to have a look at something cool. Origami is an ancient art where paper is folded into amazing objects like geometric shapes, birds or animals. So I sniffed out some pawsome origami dogs.

The last picture is for Jerry Underfoot & Dottie. They insisted. BOL!

CEO Olivia ❀