Knotty Games for Good Dogs


CEO Olivia and her Knotty Toy

Hello all, CEO Olivia reporting. Spring is still several weeks away at the Knotty Toys for Good Dogs International Headquarters. The snow has been so deep this year that our outside playtime has been very limited. Luckily, my pack lives in a house full of toys.

It’s important that your good dog gets plenty of physical exercise but it’s equally important for it to work it’s brain too. Boredom can lead to OCD & other “unwanted” behaviors. A canine couch potato is just as bad as the human one.

Our Knotty Toys for Good Dogs are an excellent choice for boredom busting fun. My huMom intended our toys to be interactive. Yes, they are gurrreat for just chewing, which is pawsome for teeth & gums, but they are also wooftastic for playing games with humans.

Hide & Seek. Hide your good dog’s Knotty Toy & then ask them to find it. Trust me, the wonderful smell of raw hemp will guide your good dog to the hiding spot. When they do, make a big deal out of it.  The first few times make it easy until they understand the game, then slowly make the search more challenging. Always reward with positive reinforcement be it a quick tug game or a treat. Always praise your good dog & show lots of enthusiasm. We need to know your having fun.

Fetch. Playing fetch is always fun, especially if there is a reward for returning the toy. Sometimes a game of fetch can turn into a game of tug of war. Just for fun, I don’t always release the toy upon fetching it. I like to make my huMom do some work, she’s bored with winter too. BOL!

Tug of war. This is a favorite game for all good dogs, especially puppies. Our wild ancestors played it. It helps develop our muscles & it seems to be an instinctual impulse for us to pull. Any of my Knotty Toys can be used for this game but I recommend one of our Knotty Chaw-Chaws.

The bottom line is, just like humans, good dogs need mental stimulation & regular exercise. Which reminds me, I believe I have a 3 o’clock Knotty Chaw Chaw scheduled with huMom.

CEO Olivia