Good Dogs In Their Autumnal Years


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia reporting. Lately, my huMom has been spending more time than usual with my fur sister Suzie Q. I’ve also noticed Suzie doesn’t pawtrol the entire yard with me anymore. She’s been getting more leg & neck massages which makes me a bit jealous. huMom tells me Suzie is very old now & I shouldn’t be jealous of her aches.

Just like anything, we dogs will decline as we grow old. Common health issues such as arthritis, hearing loss & cataracts can affect good dogs as they age.

When is a dog considered a senior? This month I’ll be barking about the autumnal years for good dogs. What changes to look for, both physical & mental.  I’ll dig into physical examinations & diagnostic testing for senior dogs that determine current health status & what pawventative health measures can be taken.

huMom told me she believes aging should be experienced with grace & dignity; that we should honor & love our seniors by putting their needs before ours.  She said, “It is our time to shine for them keeping them warm & safe in our brilliant love”.

CEO Olivia