Adopt Don’t Shop




According to ASPCA, 2.7 million healthy adoptable cats & dogs  tragically are euthanized in U.S. shelters each year (1 every 13 seconds).

There is no good reason to ever choose a pet store or breeder when so many animals in shelters need homes. When you adopt you save two lives, the animal you adopted & the one you just made space for.

IDA (In Defense of Animals)  estimates 25% of dogs & cats who enter shelters are “pure-bred,” so if you’re attached to a particular breed odds are you can find them in a shelter. There are also a large number of breed specific rescues.

Shelters have a harder time placing older dogs & cats & they are often the first to be euthanized. So please consider adopting an older cat or dog; there are a great number of advantages.

Black Dog Cat Syndrome  (BDS) is observed by shelters & rescue groups throughout America & affects black dogs, as well as cats. It is possible that there may simply be more black pets in the shelter & rescue population. However reports from across the country seem to illustrate the problem, &  multiple national organizations have long recognized BDS as an issue that adversely affects the adoption rates of black pets.

All puppies & kittens sold in pet stores are supplied by businesses that treat cats & dogs as product & are not concerned for their well being.  Their only concern is turning a profit.  The parents of these puppies & kittens come from basically factory farms, caged for life in deplorable conditions & neglected.  They are simply a source of supply.  When they are no longer productive they are destroyed or left to die.

We can break this cycle.  It is that simple.  Adopt Don’t Shop!

CEO Olivia ❤