Overnight boarding. Things You Should Know



Some families may need to leave their pooch at a boarding facility on occasion. Often this means your dog (or cat) might be left alone over night. Even if the facility claims it monitors your pet, that may mean only that they are fed & watered but not checked on regularly.

Here are a few questions you may want to ask.

  • Is the facility staffed 24/7? Are they always open & if not is there an overnight staff? Further, is the staff trained in vet care? Do they know Pet CPR for example.
  • How often will your dog be checked up on? Will your dog be simply left alone in a cage overnight?
  • Are records kept such as food intake? You may feel better seeing a schedule has been followed & noted.
  • Is a vet available 24/7? If the boarding facility isn’t part of a veterinary clinic, will a vet be available to respond quickly should an emergency arise?

Ask questions & if the answers aren’t making you feel good then keep looking. There are many good, well run facilities out there.

CEO Olivia

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